Erin Brockovich

Please watch this film clip to get an overview of what drove Erin Brockovich and what she set out to achieve, then please watch the 2nd clip to see the ‘REAL’ Erin in action and her ability to lead. It takes a strong leader to take the hard route and stand behind what they believe to be right or wrong. The easy way can often seem more appealing though.

‘Leaders can choose the easy way out, or they can attempt to apply ethics to their decisions and actions. True leaders are principled individuals, who assume their positions because they have earned the respect and, in a certain sense, the allegiance of others’. (Ronald W. Roskens. ‘Ethical Leaders: The Wide and Easy Way’)

This type of leader, as demonstrated by Erin Brockovich, strives for excellence and a sense of what is best for an individual or community. She shows that good leadership includes the art of persuasion, the courage of conviction, and the determination to see things through even if sacrifices need to be made. Whilst full of self respect and a respect for others Erin is direct, confrontational, assertive yet obtains standing through her convictions. Proving that leaders can come from all backgrounds and experiences, Erin was a single mother with no formal education who, whilst considered unconventional in the corporate and legal world, managed to bring a powerful American company crashing down to the tune of £229million.

Here Erin Brockovich demonstrates her values and character as she relentlessly pursues ‘Shell Oil’ in this clip and works to guarantee the best, and in her opinion, the only solution for the community. She reminds us that ethics are not a matter of convenience but should shape who we are and how we behave.